Birthday Celebrations

Did you know that in Nigeria the birthday milestones they celebrate are 1, 10 and 15? This birthday celebration can turn into a feast with over 100 guests. Speaking of birthdays; April babies are celebrating their birthdays in lockdown this year. It must be a bitter pill to swallow but it’s all for a good cause. What matters the most is everyone is at home and staying safe. Birthdays can always be celebrated at any other time.

I asked a few colleagues what their birthday tradition is and this is what they had to say.

Who Called First?
On my birthday my mother makes me my favorite dish. I’m allowed to choose anything I want to eat seeing it’s my big day. The whole family then congregates at mom’s house to celebrate. We also have a family competition on who can phone first to wish a happy birthday to you. I have received a call at 4 am once! After that whoever called first will get bragging rights for being the first caller. It’s the silly little things that make the birthday experience memorable.

I Don’t Celebrate
Social media has its ups and downs and in my opinion, the downside so far is having all my friends know it’s my birthday through a Facebook notification. I’m an introvert so you can’t even begin to imagine the inconvenience of having to respond to each message while making birthday calls at the same time. For that reason, I disabled my birthday on my social media platforms so that I can have peace. Now it’s just another day and I feel so much happier.

You Only Live Once
I’m not one to wait for people to gift me with anything. On my birthday I usually have a list of things I want to buy for myself and then go out to spoil myself. Last year I bought myself a dress, a fragrance, and a brand new phone. You only get to celebrate your big day once a year, make it special.

Celebrate Indoors

Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is going to celebrate their big day indoors. You don’t have to worry about what you’ll get up to because one of the best things you can do from the comfort of your home is to create a photobook. It’s a fun and interactive way to preserve all your precious memories. Riverstone Photo Creations is currently offering 10% OFF all A4 Landscape books until further notice. You’ll also be happy to note that budding designers or those of you who want to try something new can access an easy to use FREE downloadable software from the Riverstone Photo Creations website. You can access the team 24/7 to give you advice and assist you in any way you need.

What have or had you planned out for your birthday this year? Do you have a family tradition for how you celebrate?

Stay at home and stay safe.