8×8 Book

Product Description

Product description

This 8 x 8 Medium photo book is a popular size, good for recipe books.

Product information

Size: Approx. 8x 8inches (closed)

Paper Options:


Professional Gloss

Semi Gloss


No. of Pages:

20 to 60 pages in Matt or Semi Gloss

20 to 50 pages in Professional Gloss

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The Gloss and Matt books are printed using a 12 ink system, Ink Jet printer. The inks used are those produced and supplied by the printer manufacturers and although they are expensive, milliliter by milliliter they are more expensive than some of the best brands of perfume, the alternative use of after market inks will never give the same quality of print and fading and change of colour is almost guaranteed to result over time.

For both Gloss and Matt books only high quality papers manufactured in Germany are used, specially coated to give uniformity of colours and a highest quality prints. They are instant drying and water and smudge resistant. The Matt is 170gsm double sided and the Gloss 250gsm double sided.

The Semi Gloss books are a budget alternative and printed on a laser based image press, which when printing good quality photographs can give some surprisingly good results. Once again, only the printer manufactures supplied toners are used as with the Ink Jet.

For semi gloss Photo Books the paper used is generally gloss art 150 – 200gsm and once again we use only the best quality available to us.

All hard cover books are bound using the Fastbind system. This is a powerful electronic stapling unit which produces excellent binding results when used in conjunction with the manufacturers professional end sheets. The book covers are manufactured using grey board covered with spill resistant finely laminated ink jet custom printed cover sheets, once again using only the highest quality paper.

Additional information

Number of Pages

20 Pages, 30 Pages, 40 Pages, 50 Pages, 60 Pages

Paper Type

Matt, Professional Gloss, Semi Gloss